Brigham Young University. Graduate Division

The graduate division was established in 1922; in 1929, it became the Graduate School at Brigham Young University.


Established: 1922

Abolished: 1929

Location: Provo, Utah (1922-1929)


The purpose of the Graduate Division was to help students develop the power to do independent work and to encourage the spirit of research. For admission to graduate work, students were required to possess a bachelor's degree of equivalent achievement to that offered by Brigham Young University or else were required to pass an examination. Students were also required to complete a thesis, and were expected to receive B grades or better in 75 percent of their course, while no grades lower than C were counted toward the master's degree.

Assets and Administrative Structure

It appears that each school and department possessed a graduate division in which students could complete a master's degree. These professors presumably reported to the college dean. The Graduate Work Committee was associated with Graduate Division with chairmen C. Jenson, M. C. Merrill, H. M. Woodward, T. L. Martin, and H. Hansen.

Associated Units

Superior unit: Brigham Young University (1922-1929)

Later unit: Brigham Young University. Graduate School (1929-1986
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Brigham Young University Annual Catalog, 1922-23: p. 33 (the essential aim is to develop the power to do independent work and to encourage the spirit of research; students required to possess a bachelor's degree equivalent to those offered by BYU or else must take an examination); p. 34 (students required to complete a thesis); p. 35 (grades must be C or above for master's degrees, and 75 percent must be B or higher)

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