Brigham Young University. Beaver Branch

The Brigham Young University Beaver Branch was formally called Beaver Branch Brigham Young University and abbreviated as B.B.B.Y.U. The Beaver Branch was a religious high school that began as part of Brigham Young Academy. It was open to all faiths, but based on Mormon doctrine and required ecclesiastical endorsement for admission. It was located at the entrance of Beaver Canyon. Its first principal was Ernest DeAlton Partridge, who served for three years. Other Principals included Andrew B. Anderson (1903-1904, 1906-1907) and Josiah E. Hickman (1907-1908). In 1908, the Beaver Branch became a separate entity and was renamed the Murdock Academy.

Variant names



Beaver Branch Brigham Young University

Beaver Branch Academy


Established: 1903

Abolished: 1908

Location: Fort Cameron, Utah (1903-1908)


The Beaver Branch of Brigham Young University was a three-year preparatory school responsible for teaching high school courses to future teachers. Courses included Theology, Music, Math, English (penmanship, reading, grammar, elocution, and spelling), History subjects, Sciences, Drawing, Woodwork, Ironwork, Needlework, Cooking, and Theory of Teaching. The Polysophical Society was an organization responsible for recreation.

Assets and Administrative Structure

The Beaver Branch had an executive committee, a President (of BYU), a Principal, and general faculty of Professors. There were three departments of the Beaver Branch: the Preparatory which department was a transition for older students who had not completed up to the eighth grade; the Normal which department was designed as a normal diploma for training teachers; and the Music department which specialized in vocal and instrumental, piano and organ, music. Later another department developed: the Department of Industrial Courses. Many new subjects were introduced. The Beaver Branch was part of Brigham Young University, where students completed their fourth year of training and from which they graduated.

Associated Units

Superior unit: Brigham Young University (1903-1908)


Beaver Branch records, 1898-1967 (BBBYU; Beaver Branch Brigham Young University; LDS high school; Admission requires recommendation; Location at Beaver Canyon; Three-year school for training teachers; Courses taught; Polysophical Society; executive committee, president, principal, professors; Preparatory department; Normal department; Music department; part of Brigham Young University)

Brigham Young University, The First One Hundred Years, 1975: vol. 1 p. 247 (Ernest DeAlton Partridge was the first President) p. 250 (Partridge served for three years) p. 253 (The Beaver Branch separated from BYU and became the Murdock Academy in 1908)

Register of the Brigham Young University Centennial History Project Papers, 1972-1976: (Brigham Young Academy, variant name) (UA 566 boxes 41 and 42)

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